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Merit Award System

Marayong Heights School award system

Positive and responsible behaviour in all school settings is recognised and celebrated at Marayong Heights Public School.

The merit award system operates from Kindergarten to Year 6 and starts from the day the student enrols in the school and lasts until he/she leaves at the end of Year 6, if not before.

Instant emus

Instant Emus are tokens earned by students when they demonstrate school expectations. Teachers hand out 15 instant emus each week to students, acknowledging student behaviour or learning.

Instant emus can go towards earning an EMU badge. Twenty (20) Instant Emus are needed to receive a gold emu certificate. These certificates are worth two (2) points and go towards earning an EMU badge.

To give more choice, students are able to decide whether to collect their instant emus for an EMU badge or trade their instant emus for another reward. A reward menu with the available rewards is displayed in each classroom and teachers will track any trades.

Teacher merit awards, Deputy Principal, Assistant Principal awards, Principal awards

These awards are presented to students who demonstrate the school expectations through exemplary behaviour or student achievement. Each award has a point value attached to them and go towards earning an EMU badge.

  • Teacher Award = 1 point         
  • Deputy Principal = 2 points  
  • Assistant Principal Award = 2 points      
  • Principal Award = 3 points

A total of ten (10) points needs to be accrued to earn an EMU badge. The ten (10) points can be a combination of any of the above awards - Teacher, Assistant Principal, Principal and Gold Emu Awards.

It is the student's responsiblity to keep their awards safe and secure and to bring to their teacher when they have accrued the ten (10) points.

These awards are handed out at Whole School Assemblies in Week 5 and Week 10 of each term.